Terms of Use

By using our app or web service, you agree to these terms and conditions and also to Apple's EULA, which may both change from time to time.

General Conditions
Our service is provided on an "as-is" basis without any guarantees, promises, or service level agreements. While we strive to maintain high availability, we cannot guarantee that technical problems, errors, or failures will not occur.
You use our service at your own risk, and we do not guarantee its availability, security, or accuracy. We are not liable for any consequences that arise from using our service or for any non-delivery of notifications.

Depending on your subscription, there may be limits on the number of notifications you can send. Our API and servers also have reasonable rate limits.
If we detect excessive use or use that interferes with our service or other users, we reserve the right to block the offending user / device or deny access to our web service at any time.

Changes to our Terms of Use
We hold the authority to periodically revise and adjust our Terms of Use without prior notice and at our exclusive discretion. Any additional features integrated into our service will be subject to the Terms of Use. Continuing to use our service after any modifications indicates your acceptance of those changes. We maintain the right to update and modify the Terms Of Use by posting updates and alterations on this site. We recommend reviewing the Terms of Use from time to time for any changes or updates that may be important to you. You can always check the latest version at: www.easynag.com/terms

We reserve the right to discontinue our service at any time in the future.

Please note: When monitoring business-critical services, it is essential to implement several different notification services. Never rely on one single notification service.

Last Update: 01.05.2023